24 November 2014

34 @ 34

So those of you who know me outside of the online world (you know, the real world where we see eachother face to face and there are visuals, sounds, smells... normal life) know I've got a full plate in life. Wife, baby, dogs, house, family, job, ownership in two businesses (soon to be three), gym, basketball and also making time for people I love (I must say I'm pretty damn good at making time); it doesn't really make sense that I give myself another bunch of shlt to achieve during the year. But hey, it's how I roll. It's like I'm always trying to push the boundaries of what one can achieve in the time they are given. Not as successfully as I'd like at the moment but I'm getting there.

So here's an update of my 34 @ 34; 8 down, 3 in progress, 23 still to go. Last year I got through 24 of 33 so as long as I can beat that I'll be happy.

1. Complete a large home renovation project (eg - kitchen, ensuite)
2. Do the Yarra Valley with Leela and Danny.
3. Bench-press, deadlift and single-leg leg-press my bodyweight. 
4. Cook a Terducken.
5. Build or rebuild/refurbish a piece of furniture.
6. Do a weekend trip with wifey to another city in Australia. 
7. Donate $1000 to charity.
8. Buy a new big fancy Xmas tree. 
9. Get my teeth cleaned at the dentist.
10. Buy a king size bed.
11. Go a month without buying my lunch at work.
12. Buy a piece of furniture from Matt Blatt. Went there, didn't want to buy anything :-( 
13. Get a tattoo (still borderline on this one). 
14. Read a book about Louis Armstrong. In progress
15. Learn how to make sausages.
16. Kiss my wife in the rain.
17. Watch the sunrise over the ocean.
18. Photograph a series of portraits of my friends. I'm calling it, 'A Day Out With ....' and we'll hang out for a day, do fun stuff and I'll take a bunch of photos of friend in the process. Sounds fun hey? In progress - wanna do a Day Out With me?
19. Write a love letter to my wife.
20. Get in a magazine/publication for something (not a criminal activity or something stupid).
21. Attend a winemakers dinner.
22. Drink Absinthe.
23. Bake my own bread (that's not a euphemism, I really want to bake a loaf of bread and try to perfect it!).
24. Smoke a cigar.
25. Try Yoga.
26. Do a day-trip with my Mum.
27. Get a pair of custom made jeans.
28. Lose 5kg.
29. Install a rainwater tank at home.
30. Play blackjack at a casino.
31. Spend a night on a boat/yacht/ship.
32. Go for a massage.
33. Host a vintage dinner party with my mate Natie.
34. Go to the Greyhounds in Narrabundah.

15 November 2014

I love those few seconds

My love,

As I write I am overwhelmed with thoughts of you so, that I don't know where to start. It feels for ever long since I've seen your face, felt your touch and the comfort the sound of your voice brings me. Perhaps it hasn't been long at all.

It's not the large gestures I picture when we're apart. Not the physical intimacy, kissing or lovemaking. Not even is it you saying you love me I reminisce of, but the moments in between. I think of your smile, your laugh, the small breaths you take when your heart is racing, your gorgeous hands and the silences we share. I think of us holding one another and you always hold me close that short while longer. When you do let go, you'll sneak a kiss on the side of my neck and your hand always seems to rest on my shoulder for a few seconds afterwards. I love those few seconds.

Whilst you're never out of my heart and mind, never are you in my words. I can't speak of you to anyone for they won't understand. I never understood those that talk of their love with others, what would be the point? So instead I daydream of all the ways you make me happy and of spending time with you in the most everyday of ways.

I know we'll be together again in time. Until then my love, know that I long for you with all of my being.

Love from you know who

14 November 2014

Be around

It's all very musical in my world still and I've been listening to this track today. I'm quite smitten with Chrissi Cochrane's voice and this gentle melodic track with her on a Fender Jazzmaster is... *sigh* it just is.

Have a listen and let it get right down to your bones.

I won't be hanging around much longer than I ought to, than I should.

6 November 2014

Since I've been lovin you

Been listening to this track a lot lately and put it on my most recent Brown Life compilation. In fact, it was this song I was listening to over and over again as I walked around the dingey alleys of Adelaide a couple of months ago. It's a cover of a Led Zeppelin song by the gorgeous Corinne Bailey Rae. Her voice, the upright base, those keys... just beautiful.

I've really been the best of fools,
I did what I could.
Cause I love you, baby,
How I love you, darlin,
How I love you, baby,
How I love you, darlin,
Since I've Been Loving You.
I'm about to lose my worried mind.

4 November 2014

Music Musings - Grant Green

It's all very musical in my Brown Life at the moment and today on the way to work I was stuck on Grant Green's 'Green with envy'. I came across Grant Green a few years ago buying this album on vinyl at a record sale. Just liked the look of it and figured it was worth a listen. SO good; it really is my style of jazz.

Normally in my car I'm impatient and skip through songs really quickly, but not today. Something about the overcast morning we had today in Canberra and Grant Green trickling down in the background has put me in a very relaxed state to start the day.


2 November 2014

Music in a Brown Life - VI

Normally I put together a group of music I really dig, then design an album cover that I think suits it. This time I went the other way around, designing the look and feel of it first then matching up the tracks.

My own little whirlwind of dark guitars, brooding melodies and narrating lyrics. Ten Cent Pistol by the Black Keys has to be top of the list for me on here.

26 October 2014

Cherry Wine

Sitting in my loungeroom with whiskey in hand assessing the feats of a weekend that is coming to a close. The Hunger Games sequel is on television but I've got headphones in listening to music. I feel like even if I was paying attention, I would struggle to understand what's going on. I'm not built for it.

So instead I'm listening to Hozier's acoustic version of Cherry Wine. As I watch this madness on television it's only making me appreciate this gorgeous song even more. Such a beautifully honest piece of music.

But I want it, it's a crime
That she's not around most of the time
The way she tells me I'm hers and she is mine
Open hand or closed fist would be fine
The blood is rare and sweet as cherry wine

19 October 2014

Past Found

Recently I wrote a post after a good friend made me realise how much my writing has changed. Well, today I stumbled across an old note-book full of writing and oh lordy it was some rubbish.

However one interesting part from the note-book was a set-list. It was 2006 and a friend of a friend had asked me to play acoustic guitar as background music at her 40th birthday party so I obliged. I had been playing guitar a lot, a short stint practicing with a band and one gig with a singer-songwriter. If I'm being honest I wasn't very good and I'm still not very good, although I enjoy the music and guitar much more now. So I sat in the corner and fumbled my way through these tracks; or as much of them as I knew. No singing, just playing... and I'm reminded of how much I've forgotten I could play. Not to mention a handful of originals that I threw in of my own (majority of which I have no idea what they are now). 

Good love is on the way - John Mayer
Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
Nothing else matters - Metallica
Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen/Jeff Buckley
Lover, you should've come over - Jeff Buckley
House of the rising sun - The Animals
Fields of Bali - Eva Cassidy
Larry's Lullaby - Dean Brown
Playing a season - Dean Brown
Old Love - Eric Clapton
To be with you - Mr Big
Do or die - Rita Marchant
Accidents and Accusations - Dixie Chicks
Whole hearted - Extreme
So Beautiful - Pete Murray
Wind Cries Mary - Jimi Hendrix
Untitled Jazz - Dean Brown
Take Five - Dave Brubeck Trio
Better be home soon - Crowded House
Crying Shame - Diesel
Let's get it on - Marvin Gaye
Untitled Blues - Dean Brown
Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix
Don't dream it's over - Crowded House

Glad I stumbled across this, finding a piece of my past I'd forgotten all about.

Gee baby, ain't I good to you

There's something so genuine and unapologetically dreamy about old love songs. So simple in approach, yet so generous in sentiment and romanticism.

'Love makes me treat you the way that I do, gee baby ain't I good to you' 

15 October 2014

If I was to write you a letter

I was recently told that I regularly say and write these perfectly phrased statements of honesty and openness.

Wow. Way to silence and humble me; and I usually have all the words. 

This compliment from a wonderful friend not only stopped me in my tracks but it's had me thinking ever since. For most of my 20s I stumbled in and out of creative phases writing music, lyrics and poetry. Most of it was forced, overdone rubbish... just absolutely terrible but the intent to write was there. However in this life now things are different. The writing comes easier, the words flow, the confidence is greater and nothing is forced. I'm not always poetic or eloquent but there's an honesty to my writing that makes me happy.

I feel like the honesty in my writing has become honesty in my words and actions. I don't have the inclination to sensor myself, weigh up whether I should say what I think or feel. It doesn't even cross my mind to stop, to hold back, to proceed with caution. Think of when you write a letter to someone; it's written as soon as it hits the paper. There's no editing, it's not contrived and they whom receive your letter know exactly what's on your mind. When I was told of my 'perfectly phrased statements of honesty and openness' I realised just how honest I've become in my words and interactions.

It brings to mind the Ray Lamontagne song, 'Write you a letter'.

'Then maybe you could understand me a little better, if I was to write you a letter'

Living life as if I'm putting pen to paper, thanks for seeing that in me.