14 July 2013

My baby just cares for me

The lovely Larry and I got hitched 24th September, 2011. She's my best friend and the most amazing woman I've ever met.

In April 2012, with Larry's encouragement I traveled to the USA with my good mate Sacha. She thought it was a great experience for me to have, traveling overseas with a friend. Great trip... lots of good food, beers, basketball, shopping and experiencing American culture with one of your closest mates. I feel when you're traveling to another country where you have no timetable, no commitments and there's no way for anyone to contact you that it's the best time to reflect. To think. Anytime I've come home from travel I have always had a revelation of sorts; while I was away something clicked for me.

It was the 17th April, 2012; we were staying at the Lola Hotel, Manhattan, New York on the corner of 28th and 5th. Sacha and I were going to Madison Square Garden that night to watch the Knicks v Celtics. Sach was a little tired and needed an afternoon nap so I got all my gear together and went downstairs for a drink. I pulled up to the bar and ordered a Gin and Tonic, pulled out my moleskin and started writing. After I got past the shock of paying $18 for a GnT in America, I got talking with the barman. Turned out the guy behind the bar was from Venice, Italy. I told him I was from Australia to which he said, 'Oh, it's my dream.' What? To go to Australia? 'Oh yes, I would love to go... it's my dream to go there'. 'Well mate', I told him... 'My dream is to visit Italy, so I guess we are currently living in each others dreams'. We both had a good laugh.

I started to think about back to my theory about having that realisation whilst away. I hadn't had one yet. I started thinking, then getting annoyed. Why the f%ck haven't I had my revelation? I've been in this country for two weeks, I'll be home in two days. I was feeling robbed. I started to think a little broader about my life and this song started playing in the bar as I kept writing:

My baby just cares for me. My Baby. My Larry. My Wife.

It was the only sign I needed. I realised that I'd been married for 6 months yet there hadn't been a change in my mindset. What was I doing differently or doing more to meet this new commitment and privilige of being married to such an amazing woman? Instantly I felt terrible that I'd accepted this woman's love, this woman's heart... for the rest of my life yet I'd not lifted my game. I'd not been doing enough.


More gestures.
More romance.
More time.
More for my wife.

After all, my baby just cares for me. She don't care for shows, she don't care for clothes... she just cares for me. THAT was my moment. That was my realisation and I came home from the USA even MORE married than when I'd left. I'd figured it out. My baby. My baby just cares for me.

Time to do more.

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  1. You are such a beautiful, generous and uplifting person. I am SO happy hearing, seeing and knowing how in love you are with Lauren. It's beautiful, you're (singular and plural!) beautiful.