5 January 2014

33 at 33 - Review of my 2013 goals

Well, it's 33 things in 2013... and I did ok. It's amazing some of the things I didn't do; they seem quite easy in the whole scheme of things but I guess life gets in the way sometimes. I've achieved a hell of a lot more in the past 12 months than what's on this list but it's great to look back and see that I've realised most of the goals I set for myself. Here's a rundown: 

1. Lose 10kg - NO GO. I got from 125kg down to 118kg so not a bad result.
2. Type a letter to a friend on my vintage typewriter.
3. Go to an N.B.L basketball game (so I have a formal basis for hating that league). DONE! Went to Australia v New Zealand (mens and womens back to back), so I'm crossing it off! For the record, it was fantastic.
4. Complete the Canberra Year of the Steak blog with my mate Craig
- DONE! We are going to continue it.
5. Have a romantic picnic with my wife. DONE!
6. Help Lauren achieve a photography exhibition. DONE!
7. Finish reading Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy.
8. Do a weekend in Melbourne to catch up with Kat, Leela and others. DONE!
9. Bake a cake. NO GO. How f*cking hard is it to bake a cake? Not really, I just never got around to it.  
10. Dunk in a basketball game. NO GO. I was diagnosed with a torn left patella earlier in the year... struggled to still play let alone dunk it. 
 11. Build a chicken-coop and get some chickens. DONE!
12. Pay out a credit card.
13. Install a rain-water tank at home.
14. Cook a meal at Shawfoot Manor from my new Italian cookbook. DONE! 
15. Make a will. DONE! Well, I gave all the information to my solicitor so I'm checking it off.
16. Build an outdoor cinema in my backyard and invite friends over to watch old movies. DONE! Check it!
17. Go for a massage.
18. Hire a luxury car for a day, suit up and hit the road with my lady. NO GO. 
19. Shoot a roll of film with Lauren's Hasselblad. NO GO.
20. Travel to another country. DONE!
21. Go to another city/town for the sole reason of watching live music. DONE! I went to Sydney January 4th to the Opera House to watch Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. Possibly the best live gig I've ever seen.
22. Go to a gig at the Phoenix in Canberra.
23. Eat dinner at a 'hatted' restaurant. DONE! Courgette in Civic for my friend Brendan's bucks dinner. 
24. Go to an arcade and play video games.
25. Go to a zoo. DONE!
26. Go the the dentist.
27. Take a photograph that I’m proud enough to frame and hang on the wall at home. DONE!
28. Host a dress-up party. DONE!
29. French Night at home with my wife... French food, wine, cheese and movie. DONE!
30. Buy something awesome from a country/flea market -
DONE! It was a garage-sale, but I'm ticking it off!
31. Teach my friends how to play Mahjong. DONE!
32. Buy a really NICE belt. I don't have a really nice belt! DONE!
33. Play Blackjack at a casino NO GO.

So in the end I got through 24 of the 33 goals I set myself in 2013. I'm pretty happy with myself for what I've done and it gives me a good idea of how to set up my goals for 2014. 

That's all for 2013. 24 of 33... cheers, 2013!

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  1. You did pretty good Mr Brown, I'm impressed! There's only 52 weeks in the year, so that's nearly something every two weeks. And I'm glad the steak blog continues. :)